RELEX Solutions

Technical Analyst • April 2021 — Present

As a Technical Analyst, I help build integrations between customer backend systems and RELEX's infrastructure, as well as diagnose complex technical challenges that arise during implementation and deployment

Encephalo Investments

Software Development Intern • June 2020 — March 2021

Part-time internship at University of Minnesota equity trading startup

  • Developed portions of algorithmic trading platform leveraging RabbitMQ for event driven microservices
  • Wrote Python backtest framework to evaluate proprietary trading algorithm performance
  • Developed RESTful API using Flask for desktop application to access in-house quantitative analysis solutions
  • Used version control and implemented unit testing for software quality control

Complex Chemical Systems Group, University of Minnesota

Undergraduate Research Assistant • April 2018 — February 2021

Position in Professor Siepmann's research laboratory, where I focused on using Monte-Carlo chemical simulations to explore phase equilibria of novel biofuel extraction processes

  • Executed Monte-Carlo computer chemical simulations to model novel biofuel extraction process
  • Wrote suite of Python analysis programs for cluster distribution analysis and simulation troubleshooting
  • Awarded paid research assistantship after two months for progress made on project and technical skills

Encapsys, LLC

Process Design Engineering Co-op • January 2019 — August 2019

Chemical engineering co-op position at specialty chemicals company

  • Successfully troubleshooted malfunctioning pilot scale clean-in-place system
  • Implemented batch-specific error projection in mixing scale-up program using historical scale-up data
  • Presented final project results to entire R&D team and 3 Senior Technical Managers and Leaders


University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Minor in Chemistry • 2016 — 2021

Graduated with High Distinction, 3.92/4.0 cumulative GPA


Programming Langauges

Python, Java, Clojure, and Bash

Other Utilities

Minitab, SQL, Unix, Git, and Jira


Offshore Wind Energy Twitter Bot (@state_bot)

Sole Developer • September 2020 — Present

References real-time offshore wind speeds from National Data Buoy Center database and performs hypothetical wind energy potential calculations for farm of Vestas V117 wind turbines. Written in Clojure, hosted on Linode instance for continuous operation.


Undergraduate Research Assistantship

University of Minnesota Department of Chemistry • Fall 2018 — Spring 2021

Assistantship awarded to support my research efforts in Professor Siepmann's laboratory

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Department Fridley Scholarship

University of Minnesota Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Science • April 2018 and April 2020

Scholarship awarded to high achieving chemical engineering students at the University of Minnesota

University Honors Invitation

University Honors Program • March 2017

Invitation extended to freshman based on academic performance and interest in undergraduate research

Dean's List

University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering • Fall 2016 - Fall 2019

Awarded to College of Science and Engineering students that achieved an A- level GPA or higher over the semester, won the award for six consecutive semesters

Dean's List

University of Minnesota Office of Admissions • May 2016

Scholarship for high achieving out-of-state students to offset the difference between in, out-of-state tuition